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                    Community care
                    Caring for the underprivileged - Christmas gift drive

                    Offering children warmth, blessing, and encouragement to learn Christmas charity drives are initiated by CMMT employees to help disadvantaged children in remote townships and social welfare organizations to collect Christmas gifts and scholarships. In 2020, Evergreen Lily Elementary School was the beneficiary of the charity drive, warming up the winter for the disadvantaged children with love and care.

                    The first industrial park in Taiwan to establish the Tree Valley Foundation and Cist Center
                    To promote Tree Valley Park's core values such as ecology, history, humanities, and arts, an archaeological research center was established in the form of a trust to preserve the rich archaeological sites unearthed in the park. The Foundation will create an open platform in the future for like-minded people to engage with the park so that the park can become self-sufficient financially, and the series of activities planned by the Foundation will allow more people to understand and recognize the land. As a member of the Tree Valley Park, CMMT also vigorously supports the cultivation of native tree species, and we also provide the archaeological teams with the land necessary to conduct their research. Over the years, CMMT has also donated and participated in a series of charity activities.
                    The first Eco-industrial park in Taiwan

                    CMMT is located in Tree Valley Park, the first eco-industrial park in Taiwan. Only 150 hectares of the 250-hectare Tree Valley Park are set aside as industrial land, and nearly 22 hectares of the land are reserved for conservation and retarding basin. Moreover, the retarding basin is designed as a landscaped lake. The Park emphasizes the symbiosis between ecology, culture, and people; more than 30,000 trees of indigenous species in Taiwan will be planted, while the 100,000 seeds project will be launched to create an international cultural landscape.

                    (Photo credit/Tree Valley Life Science Museum)

                    2020 X-site Project: Multiple Realities - Film

                    In 2020, Ho Lee Interactive Design participated in the "2020 X-site Project: Multiple Realities - Film", where CMMT provided the polarizer material to engender unique light and shadow effects through its optical properties. The artwork also claimed the top prize out of the 42 entries in the exhibition. “Film” is a multifaceted surround installation that is not instantly recognizable from the outside, hence the audience is lured inside to walk around and explore in order to comprehend its meaning. During the process of “passing through the film", the viewers will be exposed to optical illusions generated by the polarizers within the multifaceted surrounding. The black, impenetrable wall instantly transforms into transparent boundaries as the viewers shift their eyesight, hence “what is real” becomes a question that is asked repeatedly throughout the exploration process. People’s intervention involves the process of determining relationships, a reference for existing senses, the environment, and the unknown. The pursuit of the possibility of architectural “realism” forms a bond with the architecture and becomes an integral part of the creation. “Film” utilizes polarizers to change how lights and shadows behave in the space without additional manipulation through electrical equipment or technology. Simple mediums and structures are employed to generate a spatial experience transcending reality and fantasy.