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                    Dividend policy
                    CMMT’s dividend policy
                    The Company’s dividend policy takes into consideration factors such as current/future development plan, investment environment, capital needs, and domestic/overseas competition, as well as shareholders’ interests. Every year, the distributable net profit may not be lower than 20% of the shareholders’ dividends and bonus; however, when the cumulative distributable net profit is lower than 50% of the paid-up capital, it is permissible not to issue dividends.
                    The common stock dividends may be issued in cash and/or shares; the issuance of cash dividends may not be lower than 10% of the total common stock dividends.
                    Dividends issuance in recent years
                    Year Shareholders’ meeting date Cash dividends Stock dividends Ex-dividend/ex-rights date
                    2021 2021/04/30 0 0 -
                    2020 2020/04/30 0 0 -
                    2019 2019/06/28 0 0 -
                    2018 2018/06/22 0 0 -