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                    Awards and Certifications
                    Continue to provide differentiated services and new products
                    Pursue cutting-edge technological trends and innovative R&D capability
                    Certifications for Automotive Product Quality System - IATF 16949:2016
                    IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Quality System. Establish a unified certification standard in an international base quality system for production and services provided by direct suppliers of parts and components related to the automotive industry. Ensure the global consistency and fairness of the IATF third party certification system.Provide appropriate training to assist in meeting the requirements of IATF 16949.

                    IATF members are composed of nine automotive manufacturers and five national supervisory bodies.
                    Received Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA’s Gold Panel Awards
                    Development of weather and water-resistant automotive polarizer material - Outstanding Product Award
                    To facilitate developments in the display industry and bolster Taiwan’s industry competitiveness, the Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA) became the official organizer of the “Gold Panel Awards” in 2014. Continuing the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA’s role of encouraging manufacturers to develop innovative technologies and competitive products, the TDUA presented 5 major award categories, including the Outstanding Contribution Award, Excellent Technology Award, Outstanding Product Award – Display Panels, Outstanding Product Award – Intelligent Manufacturing and Equipment, Outstanding Product Award – Materials and Components in a bid to promote the international image of the country’s display industry and market competitiveness.
                    Sun exposure, rise in temperature from driving, or prolonged high-humidity environment will decrease the lifespan of the display and picture quality. CMMT’s “weather and water-resistant automotive polarizer material" offers exceptional weather resistance including heat resistance, humidity resistance, cold resistance, and photostability. Furthermore, the material complies with wide viewing compensation regulations for high-end cars to improve the quality of automotive displays.
                    4th Mittelstand Intelligent Machinery Development Project - “High Potential Mittelstand”
                    To let mittelstands constantly generate rampant energy of innovation across Taiwan and strengthen the international competitiveness of Taiwanese industries, the Executive Yuan has borrowed experiences from the economic development progress of Germany to launch the “Mittelstand Advancement Project” in October 2012. The main objective is to cultivate internationally competitive mittelstands that possess key or unique technologies in specific disciplines and continue to focus on their core competencies. With the government’s assistance, it is hoped to generate investment and employment opportunities that can build a firm foundation for the country’s economic stability and sustainable development.
                    CMMT was voted as the “High Potential Mittelstand” for the 4th Mittelstand Intelligent Machinery Development Project.