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                    Mini/Micro LED adhesive
                    Suitable for Mini/Micro LED Displays
                    URF series (Glass/PCB/FPC)
                    White Reflective Solder Resist Ink
                    Addresses problems with conventional reflective sheet punching and processing yields
                    UV curing type
                    Replacement for backlight module reflectors
                    Adhesion ≥ 4B (@Glass/Cu foil/FR4)
                    High reflectivity: Reflectivity ≥ 90% (@25 μm)
                    IR-reflow resistance: b*<3 (@250°Cx10 min)
                    High weather resistance: Low change in reflectivity, no yellowing
                    UBM series
                    Matte Black Matrix Resist
                    High opacity and insulating properties
                    UV curing type
                    Suitable for piezoelectric printing
                    Glass adhesion ≥ 4B
                    Insulation properties: Surface resistance ≥ 1013 Ω/□
                    High opacity: OD ≥ 3 (@100μm)
                    Low surface gloss