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                    Handheld device applications
                    Coupled with high transmittance slim polarizer,
                    the customized handheld device display can be endowed with different styles and exterior designs
                    By combining multiple materials, CMMT is a manufacturer of optical functional materials that specializes in the field of polarizer development and dyeing technology and the development of precision coating technology and special chemical rubber materials. We provide our customers with products that offer economies of scale and performance.
                    By applying physical, chemical, and optical technologies, we can endow polarizing materials with exceptional light-scattering qualities to only allow light traveling in a certain direction to pass through the optical material.
                    When producing an LCD, a polarizing film must be used for the top and the bottom in an interlaced manner. Used for display texts or motifs when the liquid crystal modifies the polarization of the light in some way that is dependent on the electric field (or the lack thereof) applied to it.
                    CMMT continues to develop more steady and better solutions through relentless R&D.
                    Product specifications
                    Mode Surface Treatment Compensation Film Application Features
                    OLED HC QWP Mobile, Notebook Neutral Black
                    IPS HC, AG (25%) TAC, COP Mobile, Notebook High Transmittance
                    Solution for Touch(TID/TOD)
                    Low Bending & Thinner POL
                    TN AG (25%) TAC Notebook Low cost
                    High Transmittance