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                    To realize our corporate strategy and business objectives
                    CMMT’s team strives to achieve professional specialization and cooperation to ensure the most effective operation
                    Departmental duties
                    Audit Office
                    Plan and execute the annual audit plan according to the Company’s “Internal Audit Standards” and relevant regulations and submit an audit report. Ensure the ongoing operation of the internal control system and the audit, maintenance, and reasonableness of various internal regulations and systems to achieve effective control and improve quality assessment within reasonable cost.
                    Legal Compliance Office
                    Responsible for collecting information on corporate business-related regulations as well as legality analysis and review, and providing legal counsel for various organizations. Formulate and manage various contracts, intellectual property management, legal dispute or litigation consultation and resolution, as well as the planning, management, and execution of the legal compliance system.
                    Registrar office
                    Responsible for shareholders’ meetings, board meetings, and various functional committee meeting-related affairs. Management of the shareholders’ register Regular and unscheduled reporting.
                    Financial Center
                    Overall planning of the Company’s financial structure, capital system, and cashier-related financial statements Annual budget planning, formulation, and control, capital planning and movement, strategic investment.
                    Business Management Center
                    Responsible for corporate business planning and analysis and production quality control, delivery, sales expansion, customer service, customer relations maintenance, and improvement both domestic and abroad. Cost-benefit calculations and management analysis, as well as the process optimization of the management system and integrated planning to provide stakeholders with a communication channel to accurately convey the Company’s information.
                    Procurement Center
                    Uphold a just, fair, and open principle in formulating the procurement policy and strategy. Stay in touch with the industry and market trend to ensure a steady supply of raw materials and compliance with the Company’s cost objectives. Plan and monitor the level of raw material inventory to ensure the production stays in production without interruption. Provide procurement-related contract management and assistance to guarantee the Company’s rights.
                    R&D Center
                    Formulate various advanced product R&D projects, coordinate development progress, technology, and collect and analyze various R&D technologies on the market to offer our global clients more comprehensive manufacturing and technology service solutions to increase the product’s overall competitiveness. Company’s core intellectual property deployment.
                    Production Center
                    Accept the Company’s newly developed products and mass-produced products to help lower production costs and quality engineering service. Plan new product development manufacturing technology, formulate and control production plan, as well as evaluate and plan production needs, establish products’ standard costs.
                    Sales Center
                    Formulate competitive strategy and plan for the domestic and overseas markets, responsible for customer development and customer relations management, sales and administrative work support, help various departments ensure product delivery date and steady supply. Market development, sales forecast, order management, customer/project management, and coordinating regional sales.
                    QA Center
                    Responsible for promoting the ISO quality management system and internal/external audit, quality promotion planning and execution, factory safety regulation inspection, and quality education/training. Implement test projects and verifications during new product development, quality control such as raw material and product delivery.
                    Industrial Safety Department
                    Employee health and safety management, consultation, wound treatment, health management lecture arrangement and execution, labor health examinations, health promotion and guidance, factory safety supervision, and employee food hygiene management.