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                    Natural resources
                    The solar power system
                    Taiwan passed the "Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act" in 2015, the future of corporate carbon emissions towards total control. In 2014, the government announced the "Regulations on Setting Energy Conservation Objectives and Execution Plans for Energy Users”, where energy users with a contracted electricity consumption capacity of more than 800 kW should achieve an "average annual savings rate" of 1% or more from 2015 to 2019.
                    To comply with Tainan City's "Low Carbon City Autonomy Ordinance" and the regulations of the Bureau of Energy, MOEA’s Energy Management Program, as well as to increase the utilization rate of clean energy, the company planned to install a solar power system on the roof of the first factory in 2 phases. Phase 1 has a capacity of 411.84 KW, which was completed in September 2016, and phase 2 has a capacity of 199.68 KW, which was completed in November 2016. The total installed capacity of both phases is 611.52 KW.
                    The solar power system generated 851,848 kWh of electricity in 2020, and all electricity generated was used by CMMT, reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 434 metric tons (according to the 2019 electricity CO2 emissions equivalent announced by the Bureau of Energy, MOEA).