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                    Internal audit
                    Internal audit organization and operation
                    The Company’s internal audit organization is the Audit Office, which reports directly to the board of directors
                    Internal audit organization and operation:
                    1. Annual audit plan formulation and execution: Plan and execute the annual audit plan according to the “Company’s Internal Audit Standards” and relevant regulations and submit an audit report.
                    2. Project audit formulation and execution: Conduct project audit per the instructions of the board of directors or its principal. Annual audit plan formulation and execution. Formulate the annual audit plan at the end of each year and implement it after approval by the board of directors.
                    3. Report to and communicate with the board of directors, Audit Committee, and the independent directors: Besides presenting reports at the routine board meetings and monthly reports to the independent directors, it is necessary to report audit work to the Chairman and the audit committee every quarter.
                    4. Shortcoming tracking and management: Regularly follow up on the improvements made to the internal shortcomings and abnormalities discovered during the internal audit.
                    Recruitment and dismissal of internal auditors
                    The recruitment and dismissal, evaluation, and remuneration of internal auditors must be conducted according to the Company’s “Remuneration Management Regulations”, “Recruitment Regulations”, and “Performance Appraisal Regulations”. It must be submitted to the Chairman for approval by the audit executive. In addition, all recruitment and dismissal of the Company’s internal audit executives must be submitted to the Audit Committee and board of directors for approval.